Recovering Files from Corrupted Crostini Image

I’ve been using ChromeOS on an ARM powered Lenovo Duet for a couple of months now. I must say that I’m not sold on the whole thing, mostly from a stability and access perspective. I can’t even get sublime text to run because of the processor. I am keen to try the OS with an Intel processor, as I think that would fix a lot of compatibility issues, but the stability problems I see, especially on a non dev branch, leaves a lot to be desired. [Read More]

Running a Blog with Hugo, Emacs, and Netlify

I’ve been keen to get a blog up and running and thought it would also be a good opportunity to play with static sites a little more. Static sites are finally starting to expand beyond just documentation and personal sites with the likes of Next JS Commerce and their Ecommerce partners. The biggest challenge I find in writing and maintaining a blog is the technical maintenance and ease of use. Static sites solve a lot of the challenges here, but can still be cumbersome if you don’t live in their flavor of markdown or take notes/document your build steps. [Read More]

Building a Sim Racing Wind Simulator

I first started semi-seriously sim racing a few years ago after buying a cheap old Fanatec wheel/pedal/h-shifter combo on Craigslist for $60. I was looking for something new to get into, and had a previous obsession with the Gran Turismo games on PlayStation to guide me past the first hurdles. Fast forward to today and I have heavilyinvested in my setup, with the main goal being realism and immersion. [Read More]

EXWM on Chrome OS

Now I am become Roam - Organizer of Worlds I’ve been getting more and more interested in Emacs and org-mode over the past couple of years. It really seems like a fighter jet of organization, text editing, note taking, etc. The problem is, if you don’t know how to fly a jet, you’re probably going to not get very far. I do not know how to properly fly the Emacs jet, but I’ve made a few failed attempts to convert part or all of my workflow to Emacs. [Read More]

Individualism vs Collectivism

It’s odd when you think about how most of your understanding of the world, your political views, your goals, and much more is defined by just a few experiences. I can lay out the path from being born a southern, Christian-by-default, Republican-by-default kid to a Democratic Atheist person whose not sold on the virtues or unendingness of Capitalism. Funnily, the International House of Pancakes has quite a bit to do with the start of all that, but I’ll save some of those stories for another post. [Read More]


Have you ever realized how few foods we eat as Americans for breakfast? Beyond breakfast meats, eggs, bread and sweets, there aren’t a lot of options. These also aren’t really the bestfood we can eat from a health perspective. Bacon and eggs is one of my favorite dishes, so it’s taken me a long time to even reach this point, but earlier this year I finally broke. With the less busy mornings due to no commute we’ve been cooking a lot more breakfast. [Read More]

68 Million Americans

The Thing that has struck me the most over the past 2 days as the election coverage rages on in the background is the number (currently) 68 million. 68 million americans went out of their way over the past 2 days to cast a vote for one of the worst peopleto lead a nation in our lifetimes. To say nothing about his policies other than he hasn’t done enough for any particular sect of society, except the uber-rich maybe, to justify achieving his cult-like, god-like status among his followers, 68 million Americans still chose him as the next POTUS. [Read More]

Election Night Anxiety

I decided to spin up this blog instead of stare at the speculation fest on TV or pretend that doing something else was worthwhile. Trump Tonight reminds me of the last election and what a shock it was to so many of us. I was on a business trip in New York and just went to bed gobsmacked. The next morning, the city was so eerily quiet and ominous. Through my life I’ve learned that we’ll always (so far) group together and move forward, but I feel like that ominousness hasn’t completely lifted over the last 4 years. [Read More]


Wow – Well I finished working out the kinks and have everything basically automated. My dream of having a single text file that generates a website on demand is realized 8 years after my first attempt. Through the journey I learned so much - phew. Now we’ll see if I actually write daily or not. If having the perfect setup and being anonymous doesn’t do it, I can’t think of what will. [Read More]