68 Million Americans

The Thing that has struck me the most over the past 2 days as the election coverage rages on in the background is the number (currently) 68 million. 68 million americans went out of their way over the past 2 days to cast a vote for one of the worst people to lead a nation in our lifetimes. To say nothing about his policies other than he hasn’t done enough for any particular sect of society, except the uber-rich maybe, to justify achieving his cult-like, god-like status among his followers, 68 million Americans still chose him as the next POTUS.

Those votes represent real human beings, 1 in every 5 Americans. I really didn’t expect it or forsee it as being that large. Even with COVID. Even during COVID! I speak with a lot of different people around the world for work, and the pity they’ve shown to us through this pandemic and our handling of it is a new feeling as a US citizen. I am used to being called and harrassed for being a ‘bush lover’ just because of where I am from. I am familiar with the amused subtle and not so subtle making fun of Americans and our loudness. And, of course, I miss seeing the person in awe of America as often. Apparently, the gate holding back the us versus them, win at any cost, open naked corruption GOP torrent has broken open. Open voter suppression is OK. Not really being a Christian is fine as long as you wear our colors and say you do. And all the endless excuses, and cognitive dissonance filled spouts of whataboutism and mental gymnastics related to racism. Man. What a shitty year.

Whatever happens this election, it sure doesn’t feel like this system can sustain this country for much longer, at least not in the spirit in which it was created or even recently functioned. Radical change does still need to actually happen to save the union.

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