Election Night Anxiety

I decided to spin up this blog instead of stare at the speculation fest on TV or pretend that doing something else was worthwhile.


Tonight reminds me of the last election and what a shock it was to so many of us. I was on a business trip in New York and just went to bed gobsmacked. The next morning, the city was so eerily quiet and ominous.

Through my life I’ve learned that we’ll always (so far) group together and move forward, but I feel like that ominousness hasn’t completely lifted over the last 4 years.

I was so willing to give Trump a chance. Populism, or any other ‘outsider’ position usually comes with some unexpected or uncouth attachments, but I don’t see any populism whatsoever. It’s also so discouraging to see the Appalachain supporters who claimed to want populism and so many things really just wanted fervent tribalism.

We’ll see what happens tonight. The odds are significantly better than Hillary had last time, but you never know. It does rain in LA sometimes.

Blog Specs

I decided to try Hugo out and had a pretty great experience so far. Everything was easy to setup, though I haven’t tried to customize too much yet.

Other specs:

  • Hugo blog
  • Deployed on Netlify
  • CI with Github
  • Written in Emacs org mode
  • Converter Script OXHugo for formatting

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