Recovering Files from Corrupted Crostini Image

I’ve been using ChromeOS on an ARM powered Lenovo Duet for a couple of months now. I must say that I’m not sold on the whole thing, mostly from a stability and access perspective. I can’t even get sublime text to run because of the processor. I am keen to try the OS with an Intel processor, as I think that would fix a lot of compatibility issues, but the stability problems I see, especially on a non dev branch, leaves a lot to be desired. [Read More]

Running a Blog with Hugo, Emacs, and Netlify

I’ve been keen to get a blog up and running and thought it would also be a good opportunity to play with static sites a little more. Static sites are finally starting to expand beyond just documentation and personal sites with the likes of Next JS Commerce and their Ecommerce partners. The biggest challenge I find in writing and maintaining a blog is the technical maintenance and ease of use. Static sites solve a lot of the challenges here, but can still be cumbersome if you don’t live in their flavor of markdown or take notes/document your build steps. [Read More]

Building a Sim Racing Wind Simulator

I first started semi-seriously sim racing a few years ago after buying a cheap old Fanatec wheel/pedal/h-shifter combo on Craigslist for $60. I was looking for something new to get into, and had a previous obsession with the Gran Turismo games on PlayStation to guide me past the first hurdles. Fast forward to today and I have heavilyinvested in my setup, with the main goal being realism and immersion. [Read More]

EXWM on Chrome OS

Now I am become Roam - Organizer of Worlds I’ve been getting more and more interested in Emacs and org-mode over the past couple of years. It really seems like a fighter jet of organization, text editing, note taking, etc. The problem is, if you don’t know how to fly a jet, you’re probably going to not get very far. I do not know how to properly fly the Emacs jet, but I’ve made a few failed attempts to convert part or all of my workflow to Emacs. [Read More]